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Authentic Chettinad Experience

Betel Leaf

Betel Leaf was started in 1996 to provide a tasty, authentic Chettinad experience in Kuala Lumpur. Chettinad is the homeland of the Nattukottai Chettiars, who are well known for their hospitality and their food. Their cuisine is renowned all over the world for its use of spices in their highly aromatic cooking, particularly in non-vegetarian dishes.

We strive to ensure that our food is flavourful as possible, using only the freshest ingredients.

In keeping with this tradition, our chefs have been brought in specifically from Chettinad to ensure that our food is as authentic as possible.

Private dining space is available for events and functions. Please contact us for enquiries.

betel leaf

With our classic South Indian ambience, as well as our artefacts, sculptures and paintings, we hope that your experience is as enjoyable as possible.