More Than Just Food


There’s no need to spend needless time parking your car! Just leave your keys to our loyal staff at the entrance. Our attendants will retrieve your vehicles as you walk out after finishing your meal.

Park loan

Planning any jam-packed events? Banquets? Weddings? Parties? Avoid crowded parking and choose our park loan services, you will find a spot with a peaceful state of mind at the best price!


There are a number of ceremonies happening almost everyday. This may be a house warming ceremony, religious function, marriage ceremonies and many others. All these ceremonies require special attention as each and every ceremony is different and requires special preparation of food items. We have the expertise to prepare various dishes according to the ceremony.

Corporate Events

Our professional catering team can turn a conference into an exceptional culinary experience. We offer you the flexibility of including the Grand Ballroom which can accommodate a large mass of people in theater style.